Biomolecules handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Dr. Neela bakore

Guys welcome back,

you would be pleased to know that today I am going to share with you the notes of chapter Biomolecules which is a part of class 11th syllabus in biology.

These notes are in full accordance with Dr. Neela Bakore's YouTube lectures.

These notes are totally handwritten and is prepared by me during my preparation days for neet. I have uploaded these files in My Google drive so thst you can find there. 

I am providing you the link below

Download from the given google drive link below-

Click here to download


Comment whether these PDFs are helping you or not!

  1. there is no link so how can i open the notes
    so please help me

    1. see dear friend. After reading the post when you see at bottom. There is download link written as "click here to download" . It is between two advertisements highlighted in yellow. Find it now.

  2. can you please make notes on chemical co-ordination and integration

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