Breathing and Exchange of Gases Handwritten Notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Mam

Today you will be very pleased to know that I am here with new notes of chapter breathing and exchange of gases.

I have written this notes from the YouTube lectures of Dr Neela bakore mam and this notes would be very useful in your neet examination because it is a summary of all the useful and the very important concepts that is must for neet preparation.
so I recommend you to download digi notes or save it in your internal memory or either on the Google drive.

Download from the given google drive link below-
Click here to download


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  1. Can you please upload for Breathing and Exchange of Gases.

  2. Biological classification mama

  3. Plz share Excretory products and their wlimination handwritten notes of ma'am...

  4. Your wish has been fulfilled! I have uploaded the notes of excretion. Please check it.

  5. Thank you so much !!!

  6. can you please upload morphology of flowering plants

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