Neural control and coordination handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore mam

So your very much awaited notes of chapter neural control and coordination is now live.

I have got so many comments about it to upload the notes of human physiology. so the chapter neural control and coordination is just a part of the human physiology unit. I will soon upload all the notes of the related chapters.

These notes are in accordance with the YouTube lectures of Dr Neela bakore mam which I learnt from her during my Neet preparation days.

So have a look by clicking on the below link and it would be very helpful in in a revision of all the vital concepts.

Download from the given google drive link below-

Click here to download


Comment whether these PDFs are helping you or not!

  1. I'm learning a lot by this notes
    And it's a excellent note for neet

  2. Mam please upload all your handwritten notes of class 11 and 12 .... Your notes are excellent

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