Human Reproduction Handwritten Notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Mam

A very scintillating happy new year to all my dear Neet aspirants. 

Your efforts and sacrifices are very priceless because some of the students which I know was actually studing full day & night even on the eve of new year.

Reproduction In Human By Dr. Neela Bakore
Reproduction In Human By Dr. Neela Bakore

Seeing their dedication towards study, I also resolved to help the student community who are a big fan of Dr. Neela mam.

Her lecture is quite informative and updated to crack any biology related examination.

You all the visitors are the students of Neela mam and I appreciate it. You must be rigorously going through her bio lectures. 

In this regard I have come up with the handwritten notes of a very interesting chapter of all the students i.e Human Reproduction


Yes you heared the right, I have seen almost every student gets a smile whenever the name human reproduction is pronounced.

But in actually, this chapter contains soo many terms and mechanism, that is enough to mess up your concepts.

So, coming to the point, I have prepared a  well written hand notes of chapter Human Reproduction taught by Dr. Neela bakore in her youtube lectures in a very good handwriting.

This note will surely help you in revision and will also save your time as you need not to write those notes because the pdf copy is going to be available to you.

Please use the below link to download in google drive:-

Download from the given google drive link below-

Click here to download


Comment whether these PDFs are helping you or not!

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