Allen Physics Modules (Class 12th) Free Download | Latest Edition

Today I am sharing you the original pdf of allen physics modules useful for class 12th.

These pdfs are of high quality and it is not the scanned version. So, this module is very rare on internet. 

All the pdfs are arranged chaperwise. Download it from below:-

Unit 1: Electrostatics
Electric charges and fields
Electrostatic potential & capacitance
Unit 2: Current Electricity
Electric Current
Unit 3: Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism
Moving charges & magnetism 
Unit 4: Electromagnetic induction & Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Currents (AC)
Unit 5: Electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic Waves
Unit 6: Optics
Ray optics & optical instrument
Wave optics
Unit 7: Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
Nuclear physics and radiation
Photoelectric effect
Unit 8: Atoms & Nuclei
Atomic structure + x ray
Unit 9: Electronic Devices
Semiconductor & Digital Electronics
Principles of Communication


Comment whether these PDFs are helping you or not!

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